If you've been forced out of your previous employment due to an injury or health condition, you may have turned to the Social Security disability benefits system for assistance. However, if your condition improves, you may find yourself in a difficult situation: returning to work could mean losing your stable income and health insurance. That's where the Ticket to Work program comes in.

At Disability Services of America, we've been helping individuals return to work while receiving SSI and SSDI benefits for over 10 years. As a leading Employment Network contracted through the Social Security Administration, we can help you maximize your benefits and secure employment through the Ticket to Work program. If you're interested in taking advantage of this program, please call (888) 689-6760 to get started.

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Our Ticket to Work Services

Once we receive your ticket, we'll guide you through a vocational program lasting several years with the ultimate goal of getting you a fulfilling job that also meets your financial needs. We offer a range of services to support you on this journey, all of which are provided free of charge. These services include:

  • Career counseling: Our team will work with you to identify your strengths, interests, and goals, and help you develop a plan to achieve them.
  • Benefits counseling: Our Community Partner Work Incentive Coordinators (CPWIC) will help you understand how your benefits will be affected as you return to work, and provide guidance on how to navigate the system.
  • Developing personalized employment goals: We'll work with you to identify job opportunities that match your skills and interests, and help you develop a plan to achieve them.
  • Completing your Individualized Work Plan (IWP): This plan will outline the steps you need to take to achieve your employment goals, and include milestones to track your progress.
  • Resumé development and practice interviews: We'll help you create a strong resumé that highlights your skills and experience, and provide opportunities to practice your interviewing skills.
  • Navigating your EEOC and ADA rights: Our team will help you understand your rights under these important laws, and provide support as needed.
  • Labor market research: We'll help you understand the job market in your area, and identify opportunities that match your skills and interests.
  • Job placement and development: We'll help you apply for jobs, connect with employers, and provide ongoing support as you transition into the workforce.
  • Ongoing employment support: Even after you've secured a job, we'll continue to provide support and guidance as needed to help you succeed.


Benefits of the Ticket to Work Program

The Ticket to Work program is a free employment program that helps people with disabilities progress toward financial independence. By partnering with our company, you can secure employment and improve your quality of life. Some of the key benefits of this program include:

  • Protection of benefits: If you're receiving SSI or SSDI benefits, you can participate in the Ticket to Work program without risking the loss of your benefits. We'll work with you to ensure that your benefits are protected throughout the program.
  • Help with disability paperwork: Our team can assist you in completing and submitting SSA forms throughout your return to work, ensuring that you don't miss any important deadlines.
  • Support for job seekers: If you haven't worked in some time, or if you're feeling uncertain about your ability to return to work, we can provide the support and guidance you need to succeed.
  • Preservation of Medicare eligibility: Enrollment in a TTW program preserves Medicare eligibility during and after your trial work period. You may also be able to keep Medicaid benefits depending on your income. You could also be eligible to receive $20.00 per month for Impairment Related Work Expenses.
  • Protection from Continuing Disability Review (CDR): By having your Ticket to Work assigned