America's Leading Source of Services for Individuals with Disabilities


If you are currently disabled (receiving SSI / SSDI) and would like to transition to full-time work, then please call us ASAP!  We are an approved Employment Network (EN) by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to accept your "Ticket to Work".



We are experts in the world-of-work.  We have over 10+ years working with individuals with work injuries and individuals who are totally disabled and receiving disability benefits to return to work, if possible.

Owner:  Mr. Brian L. Harmon, MA, CRC, LPC

Rehabilitation Case Technician: Ms. Natalia Tomczak, BA, CPWIC

Rehabilitation Case Technician: Ms. Nicole Rhum, BS

Office Administrator: Ms. Kathy Harmon, BS



Forensic Testimony, Case Management, Career Counseling, Benefits Counseling, Vocational Evaluation, Individualized Work Plan (IWP), Resume Development, ADA Job Accommodations, Labor Market Research, Job Placement, Ongoing Employment Support. Job Development. Nursing Jobs. Truck Driving Jobs.

Receive $20.00 per month for Impairment Related Work Expenses).